Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injuries – FAQ

Are you struggling with chronic pain due to an auto accident injury such as whiplash? Chiropractic care for auto injuries can help safely manage this pain without the need for prescription painkillers or surgery. If you are new to Chiropractic care for auto injuries, you may be wondering how our treatments can help you. Below, our Houston Chiropractor answers five of the most frequently asked questions about Chiropractic care and auto accident injuries.

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Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injuries - FAQ
Chiropractic care for auto injuries is effective because spinal adjustments address the root cause for a patient’s pain – the spinal misalignment – rather than covering up pain symptoms. The force of an auto accident injury can knock the spine out of alignment, which then causes a slipped or herniated disc to compress nearby nerves. This nerve compression triggers pain and may even limit an individual’s range of motion. Hands-on Chiropractic adjustments are a safe and effective treatment technique for restoring proper alignment to the spine, which alleviates this compression and reduces pain.
Whiplash is one of the most common auto accident injuries. This painful injury can occur at speeds as slow as 5mph. Whiplash occurs when the force of a rear-impact accident abruptly whips the neck – your neck is forced backwards and forwards very quickly. This whipping action knocks the cervical spine out of alignment, which then triggers pain. Symptoms of a whiplash injury include stiffness and soreness in the neck, as well as mobility restrictions. In addition to neck pain, you may also experience recurring headaches and migraines, difficulty concentrating on simple tasks, and sleep disturbances.
Even if you went to the hospital or met with your personal physician following an auto accident, you may still benefit from an appointment with our Houston Chiropractor. Accidents at slow speeds can still cause serious whiplash injuries and other musculoskeletal misalignments. It may be weeks or months before you feel the impact of whiplash injuries and other auto accident injury pain. Most medical professionals prescribe drugs to manage this pain. Medication, however, is not a long-term pain management solution. A Chiropractor is trained to diagnose your injury and treat the underlying cause for your pain.
You deserve full compensation for any auto accident injuries you have sustained. You can speak with your lawyer at any time. If you do not currently have a lawyer, our Houston Chiropractor can recommend a reputable one to represent you.
Auto accident injuries can have a serious impact on your health and quality of life. Our Houston Chiropractor recommends an in-person diagnostic evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for Chiropractic care. Based on your diagnostic results, we will then create a custom treatment program.

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