Pain-Free Holiday Season with Chiropractic Care in Houston, TX

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Give the Gift of Spine Health this Holiday SeasonDiscover the advances and health benefits that chiropractic care and treatment have achieved through education, research, clinical practice, and experience. Surprise your family and friends this holiday season with a more meaningful gift of spine health through chiropractic care and treatment. If you or someone you know suffer from chronic pain, back pain, or neck pain, give them a gift of chiropractic care. Aligning your life with spinal health and chiropractic care provides pain relief and promotes overall well-being.

Healthy Gift-Giving Can Change a Life

Many people are turning to healthy spine gift-giving as a way of showing you care about them and their health. Your willingness to invest in the health and well-being of people you love can go a long way to inspiring them to choose to invest in their own health, as well. Your act of giving a gift of health action can be a catalyst or an intervention for someone who is really in serious need of chiropractic care or in denial about their pain. Share this idea with family and friends who are looking for gift ideas. Contact Advanced Chiropractic Relief if you would like to schedule an appointment for you or your friend or family. Instead of asking for things that you don’t really need or end up using, mention the gift of chiropractic care to your loved ones.

If you or any of your family or friends are experiencing back, neck, or shoulder pain, making a healthy choice should be a priority. Dr. Gregory Johnson, a leading Your Houston Chiropractor, performs chiropractic adjustments to receive pressure from the spine and nervous system. The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to have your spine adjusted through chiropractic treatment and get you on a healthier path all throughout the holiday season and the coming new year. Contact our office for more information on gifting with chiropractic care.

Insurance Coverage

Your chiropractic treatment may still be free for you and your family this holiday season. Depending on your insurance plan, you may still have funds left that need to be used up by end of December. If you do, that means you can still get reimbursed for your chiropractic visits. Check with your insurance if have already met your deductible or used up the number of office visits this year. It’s important to note that most plans will be rolling over at the start of the year, which means you will completely lose the chiropractic visits you have already paid. Don’t waste the insurance you paid for to keep yourself healthy. Use up all your chiropractic visits and get adjusted in time for the holidays.

New Patient Invitation

You are invited to discover for yourself why thousands of local and international patients have visited the Advanced Chiropractic Relief in Houston, Texas prompt pain relief. We can provide pain relief through chiropractic adjustments and relieve you of debilitating back, neck, arm, or shoulder pain.

Custom Chiropractic Care Package

At Advanced Chiropractic Relief, you can create and purchase a custom chiropractic wellness package by combining consultation with initial chiropractic treatment for new patients or getting a set of ongoing chiropractic treatment packages for existing patients. Contact Advanced Chiropractic Relief for more information on our chiropractic care services or to schedule a consultation for you, your family, or your friends. Enjoy a Pain-Free Holiday Season 2022-23 with Chiropractic Care in Houston, TX.

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