Chiropractic Care Provides Natural Pain Relief for Subluxation Which Causes Hiatal Hernia

Hiatal Hernia
A hiatal hernia occurs when the stomach bulges through the diaphragm due to weakened muscle tissue. While medical professionals do not always understand why a hiatal hernia occurs, current research suggests that pressure on the stomach muscles may contribute to the formation of the hiatal hernia. At Advanced Chiropractic Relief, our Chiropractic team understands that this condition can be very painful and overwhelming. While some individuals may only experience minor problems and not require treatment, other individuals may be told by their doctors that they need medication or surgery in order to correct this problem. If you are concerned about your hiatal hernia which is caused by subluxation, our natural treatment options for subluxation are safe and effective alternatives that not only provide hiatal hernia relief, but also support whole body health.

Chiropractic Treatment for Subluxaiton in Houston

In order to understand our Chiropractors’ approach to subluxation treatment, it is important to understand how the condition forms. The diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscle separating the chest from the abdomen. Under normal conditions, the esophagus passes through an opening in the diaphragm known as the hiatus. A hiatal hernia occurs when the muscle surrounding this opening becomes weak, allowing the upper part of the stomach to bulge through the diaphragm and into the chest cavity. This bulging may be caused by injury to the body, persistent and intense pressure from surrounding muscles (e.g., ongoing vomiting due to an eating disorder, intense strain during bowel movements), or simply being born with an abnormally large hiatus that is susceptible to herniation.

Our chiropractic and wellness team has spent decades providing non-invasive, drug-free treatment for pain relief for subluxation which is the underlying cause of hiatal hernia. Our holistic approach to chiropractic treatment cares for the body from the inside out. Our lifestyle counseling is a natural complement to Chiropractic adjustments and other traditional treatments, and can make a significant difference for your overall health.

Lifestyle changes may help control the signs and symptoms associated with your hiatal hernia. For example, our team will evaluate your current diet and identify trigger foods that are leading to acid reflux or heartburn and aggravating the hernia. If you are overweight or obese, we will also work with you to safely lose weight through healthy lifestyle changes, rather than unhealthy fad diets. Small changes, such as eating several meals throughout the day rather than large meals, can make a big difference for overall health. Our goal with every patient is to improve their health from the inside out!

In addition to lifestyle counseling, we may recommend Chiropractic adjustments to support proper spinal health. These adjustments are especially beneficial for providing back pain relief and managing chronic pain caused by herniated discs or other spinal misalignments. Adjustments relieve pressure on the nervous system, which improves overall health.

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Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson Treats Subluxation which causes Hiatal Hernia on Brooke Adams Miss Tessmacher

This video shows how to treat acid reflux and subluxation on Brooke by realigning her rib cage and Thoracic Spine Vertebral Subluxations.

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