How Chiropractors Treat Low Back Pain

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Many people today experience back pain. Back pain usually occurs due to strain on the spine which can occur from bad posture and other activities. Back pain can also occur due to age. Whatever the cause, low back pain can cause unwanted pain and affect your ability to perform daily tasks as usual. 

Fortunately, low back pain can be eliminated. Lower back pain relief Houston can be gotten from chiropractic Houston treatments, and there are a variety of methods a chiropractor Houston can use in treating low back pain. Discussed below are some of these methods.

Chiropractors’ Approach to Low Back Pain

The main way chiropractors treat low back pain is by performing spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation is usually associated with a popping sound. This sound occurs due to gas bubbles being released from between joints. However, there are various types of spinal manipulation, and the type used by your chiropractor will depend on the cause of the underlying back pain and your general physical condition.

Some of the most common types of spinal manipulation techniques used by chiropractors in treating low back pain include:

  • Toggle drop: To perform this technique, the chiropractor crosses their hand over a segment of the spine and then applies a precise push to a spinal segment to relieve back pain. The principle of this technique involves using controlled motion to improve mobility. 
  • Lumbar roll: This is commonly performed for back pain chiropractic Houston treatment. The patient is made to lie on their sides with the chiropractor in front of the patient. The chiropractor realigned the vertebrae using a quick, accurate thrust. 
  • Table adjustments: This is one chiropractic treatment method for back pain that does not require the back to be twisted. However, this method requires both skill and the use of specialized equipment. For this treatment, a table with a drop piece is used. The patient is correctly placed on the table, and the chiropractor then applies a fast thrust to the misaligned area. Simultaneously, the thrust is applied, and the table drop piece lowers. 

One advantage of table dropping is that it efficiently disperses the force from table adjustment treatments, making the entire procedure more comfortable for the chiropractor and the patient.

  • Flexion-distraction technique: This is chiropractic treatment for low back pain commonly used for low back pain due to disc injuries. One notable factor about this technique is that it is typically performed over multiple chiropractic sessions. It can also be performed in tandem with other therapies like physiotherapy.

The chiropractor makes the patient lie on a table designed to stretch the spine to perform this technique. The chiropractor then flexes the spine and gently manipulates it to move the disc from the spinal nerve, which can help eliminate pain and reduce inflammation.

  • Instrument adjustments: To perform this technique, the patient lies face down on the table. A spring-loaded activator instrument is then used to adjust the spine. This treatment method is performed to gently free the vertebrae. This technique also provides a chiropractic back pain treatment that is not as hands-on as the other techniques. 
  • Release work: A chiropractor applies gentle pressure over the spine in this technique. This technique is performed to reduce pain by gently separating the vertebrae while improving the motility of the spinal column. 
  • Motion palpating: This is usually performed by chiropractors as a diagnostic tool. This technique helps chiropractors observe the spine and determine areas of the spine that are out of alignment or have mobility issues. A chiropractor gently palpates the spinal column while asking the patient to perform some movements to perform this technique. 
  • Manipulation with anesthesia: This chiropractic treatment is ideal for people who prefer to be placed under anesthesia before undergoing a chiropractic adjustment. This therapy is also performed for patients with intense back pain and is usually used when all other treatment options have failed. 
  • Pelvic blocking: To perform this technique, a chiropractor used cushioned wedges placed under the patient’s pelvis on each side. This technique reduces pain by using gravity to promote separation between the spinal disc and nerve.

Back pain can severely impact productivity. Fortunately, various chiropractic treatments are available at Advanced Chiropractic Relief that are non-invasive treatment methods for low back pain. If you are experiencing back pain, get in touch with a chiropractor in Houston today.

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