Mr. Don Landry

While my wife and I were on vacation, I injured myself badly by assisting a drowning victim. I had severe neck pain and muscle spasm with the pain extending into my right shoulder arm and hand. I had severe electrical shooting pain into my right arm and hand, could not move my neck or my right shoulder or arm. I tried rest and immobilization for several weeks without any relief, in fact my condition had worsened after I sneezed one day, I was fixed in one position, could not move and had severe pain and spasm. I had almost no mobility, couldn’t dress myself, drive a car and had to have assistance in most of my routine activities of daily living. In other words I could not function. I finally sought medical attention where they placed me in a neck brace and told me I had to have immediate surgery and that was the only solution to my problems.

My wife and I prayed and opened the yellow pages. We felt the Lord directed us to see Dr. Johnson. The first thing that Dr. Johnson did was to get down on his knees, lay his hands on my back and said a healing prayer for me and my wife. After his initial consultation and examination, he ordered x-rays of my whole spine and an MRI of my neck.

Dr. Johnson scheduled a time for a specific report of findings and spent a considerable amount of time going over my examination findings, x-ray findings and MRI findings . He explained my condition to me and my wife in terms that we could understand and answered all of our questions and concerns. He outlined a corrective care treatment program specifically for me and my condition.

My wife and I felt very comfortable with what Dr. Johnson had proposed and he gave us three different payment options to choose from. We chose the one which suited our budget and it was not only very reasonable, but was less than the cost of one day in the hospital.

I began treatment immediately with what Dr. Johnson called BioPhysics adjustments. He started off adjusting me with his hands very gently and with the use of his equipment was able to move my spinal vertebrae back into place, reducing that severe pinching feeling in my neck, right shoulder, right arm and hand. Within just a few treatments I was able to move better with less pain. I followed Dr. Johnson’s advice and treatment plan to the letter and I am now able to function at a much higher level and without that severe pain and muscle spasm. Praise the Lord!!!

Through disciplined treatment and daily prayer, I am slowly but surely getting better every day. Thanks to Dr. Johnson I have been able to go back to work and I am able to function at an almost normal level.

I would recommend Dr. Johnson to anyone. In fact, my wife now receives treatment from Dr. Johnson as well. We are both achieving a higher state of health and well being thanks to Dr. Johnson, Praise The Lord!!!.
Sincerely Yours,

Don Landry