Mrs. Brenna Landry

I first went into Dr. Johnson’s office with my husband Don, who was suffering with severe pain after an accident. I have previously been to see other Chiropractors in the past. When I saw how Dr. Johnson prayed for my husband and how thorough he was in his examination of my husband, I was immediately impressed. After witnessing my husband’s miraculous recovery, I realized that I had ignored my current condion after years of suffering from my own physical limitations and breathing problems I decided to get checked myself.

Dr. Johnson prayed a healing prayer for me and examined me in ways I had never been examined before. He then ordered x-rays on my spine and set up a special time for me and my husband to go over my examination and x-ray findings. Dr. Johnson diagnosed a condition in my upper spine that no one else had ever found. I decided to take advantage of his family care discount plan and began treatment right away.

I began to fell better very soon and even noticed a big change in my posture, which was visable by not only myself, but my husband. My spinal alignment is improving, my pain and difficulty breathing is going away and I feel like my overall health is improving with each and every visit. Praise The Lord!

I would recommend Dr. Johnson to anyone who is seeking to improve their health and well being.

Sincerely Yours,

Brenna Landry