Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson of Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC just attended a scientific postgraduate seminar at Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward California conducted by his mentor, licensed Chiropractor and educator Daniel J. Murphy D.C. on Subluxation Neurology October 31 2020  Dr. Johnson has been taking postgraduate seminars for over 40 years on scientific literature related to neuromusculoskeletal conditions he sees in his practice everyday. The Vertebral Subluxation Complex is a condition of biomechanical improprieties, (malalignments/misalignments of the vertebrae and/or pelvic bones of the spine and pelvis that interfere with proper transmission of nerve signals from the brain to the body which is known as Subluxation Neurology. Chiropractors like Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson has been diagnosing and treating Vertebral Subluxations for over 125 years since it was discovered by Daniel David Palmer, (D.D. Palmer) in 1895. D.D. Palmer started Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa after discovering that nerves were affected when the spinal vertebrae are subluxated then adjusted with the first case resulting in restoration of a deaf janitor, (Harvey Lilard’s) hearing after getting adjusted. Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson is a 1981 cum laude graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa often referred to as “The Fountainhead of Chiropractic.”   There is a wide body of Scientific Research on the subluxation complex in the scientific literature like this study by Heidi Haavik at The Australian Spinal Research Foundation in Brisbane Australia. As a Texas Licensed Chiropractor Dr. Johnson diagnoses and adjust the vertebral subluxations of spine of on people he see in his office Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC in Houston Texas who are living, breathing and moving in a gravitational environment which all human beings are affected since we all live, breathe and move in a gravitational environment on a daily basis. While at The seminar at Life West Chiropractic College Tristan Wendt and Jeremy Higdon both interns of Dr. Johnson now attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa after Chiropractic Adjustments delivered by Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson at Advanced Chiropractic Relief impacted their lives so much they decided to become Chiropractors themselves.

They interviewed Dr. Johnson and Dr. Murphy at Life Chiropractic College of Chiropractic in Hayward California can be seen here. Texas Chiropractors like Dr. Johnson and others have been the subjects of recent attack of litigation from the Texas Medical Association, (TMA) suing the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners, (TBCE) since 2006 whereas the TMA is effectively trying to limit the practice of Chiropractic to musculoskeletal conditions only,  taking the neurological component out of  the definition of Texas Licensed Chiropractors scope of practice effectively monopolizing neuromusculoskeletal healthcare in the State of Texas.  Dr. Johnson and Dr. Murphy as well as other licensed Texas Chiropractors including the Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA) agree that taking  nerves out of the definition of Chiropractic makes absolutely no sense, since the spine and nervous system are so intertwined it would be impossible to separate the nerves from the spine or their physiological function in the human body.

I CC’d Dr. Scott Wofford, Dr. Dale White, Dr. Dan Murphy/Dr. Michelle Schaer as well as Jeff Jenkins (Executive Director of the TCA) to “proof” this press release for accuracy and content so you don’t need to email them back. I will hear back from them once they have read this press release prior to publishing it. I will notify you, Solution 21 when it should be released. Thanks!

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