Seeing Our Chiropractor for Migraines

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Migraine Headache

Anyone who suffers from migraines knows how debilitating and miserable they can be. The severe pain, nausea, and extreme sensitivity to light, smell, temperature, and sound sometimes affect sufferers for hours or days at a time. Though migraines are not completely understood in modern medicine, they do seem to follow intense, acute tightening and releasing of the blood vessels at the base of the head and neck. Also several patients who get migraine headaches report various triggers such as bright lights, noise, scents, or certain foods. While mainstream medicine provides some relief with over the counter and prescription medications, Chiropractic care has been shown to be an effective treatment for those suffering from chronic migraines. Several patients come to Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC’s Chiropractor for migraines.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help with Migraines

At Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC, we help patients find relief from chronic migraine headaches. With Chiropractic care, patients report less severe, less frequent, and sometimes complete elimination of migraine headaches. Patients also enjoy the freedom from prescription and over the counter medications and their side effects.

Due to everyday stresses like anxiety, physical work, and chemical pollutants in the body, the spine often becomes subluxated, losing its proper alignment. These subluxations not only lead to muscle tensions and twitching, but also hinder the functionality of the nervous system, affecting the balance and wellness of the entire body. Subluxations located in the neck (or cervical spine) are believed to contribute to migraine headaches.

Our Chiropractor, Dr. Gregory Johnson, uses gentle Chiropractic techniques to return migraine patients’ spines to proper alignment. This relieves patients’ muscle tension by achieving proper spinal alignment. A properly aligned spine also facilitates the normal functioning of the nervous system, allowing the brain to communicate freely with the rest of the body.

Our migraine patients receiving regular spinal adjustments enjoy relief from the pain and discomfort of migraines. Free from the fear of migraine headaches, patients are able to more fully enjoy life, no longer missing out on events, work, or school due to headaches.

Children Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Dr. Gregory Johnson is a renowned highly experienced Houston chiropractor with advanced training in chiropractic care to be able to find relief from chronic migraine headaches. Click on Contact Us to schedule a chiropractic care consultation at Your Houston Chiropractor. Our office is conveniently located in 363 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Suite 1060 Houston, Texas 77060.

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