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You don’t want to begin your day by waking up with a sore neck. It can quickly induce a negative mood and make simple movements uncomfortable, such as tilting your head. The sort of pillow you use, your sleeping position, or other sleep-related issues are often to blame when you wake up with a sore neck. The bulk of issues can be resolved if you know how.

In this post, we’ll look more closely at what you can do to stop having neck pain in the morning.

What makes your neck hurt when you first wake up?

You might not give much thought to the type of pillow you use or how your body is positioned when you sleep. However, your pillow and sleeping posture can cause a stiff, aching neck, back pain, and other pains.

According to research, up to 5% of new occurrences of chronic pain and inquiries into the causes of concerns like “why did my neck hurt when I woke up?” may have their roots in sleep issues. Numerous of these factors are under your control, so by making some adjustments, you could reduce your neck discomfort and other types of pain.

Your position as you sleep

Each person has a favorite way to sleep. However, your neck won’t thank you if yours is on your stomach. If you sleep on your stomach, your neck could be twisted to one side for several hours at a time. Your neck muscles may become strained, and you may wake up with sore and stiff neck muscles.

Additionally, you may get back pain if you sleep on your stomach on a mattress with little support. As a result, your back muscles and spine may be stressed and pressured. It may also cause your belly to sink into the bed.

The pillow

Picking the appropriate pillow is essential for simple and easy neck pain treatment because your head and neck spend a lot of time there while you sleep. Neck pain might result from a strain in the neck muscles brought on by a pillow that doesn’t assist your head and neck properly. A neutral spine and neck can be achieved at night by using a feather or memory-foam pillows to “cradle” your head.

Involuntary movement

Your neck muscles can become sore from sudden movements like sitting up abruptly or tossing your limbs about in a dream. Your neck may get tense and stressed if you toss and turn when you sleep or attempt to sleep.

Past injury

Some injuries, such as whiplash or sports, might not feel right away. It can take days before the full physical effects are felt. You might feel OK when you go to bed if you were hurt in a way that could have hurt your neck, but you might wake up the next day with a stiff, painful neck.

Other causes of the question  “why does my neck hurt every morning” are

  • Bad posture throughout the day
  • Too much time spent watching television or working at a computer without taking breaks
  • One of the upper spinal joints has osteoarthritis.
  • A ruptured disk or a bone spur in your neck that is putting pressure on your nerves

Chiropractic treatment for neck pain

As part of your neck pain chiropractic treatment, your chiropractor Houston, may combine spinal manipulation, manual therapy, and other methods.

Here are a few spine manipulation methods that your chiropractor might employ.

  • Hands-on, gentle spinal manipulation known as the flexion-distraction technique pumps the intervertebral disc rather than using force to move it.
  • Instrument-assisted manipulation, your chiropractor applies pressure without pressing into the spine.
  • Gently shoving the spine, specific spinal manipulation helps restore joint mobility


An everyday issue is waking up with a sore neck. However, there are techniques to assist in resolving this problem.

Make sure your sleeping environment is as pleasant as possible by thinking about altering your pillow, mattress, and sleeping posture.

Consider your posture throughout the day and constantly change positions to keep your muscles loose and flexible. Regular exercise can also maintain the muscles in your neck strong and healthy. You can also obtain neck pain treatment in Houston by consulting a neck pain specialist .

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