Obesity & Weight Loss Problem

Chiropractic Care Can Help You Achieve Your Ideal Weight

Weight Loss
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010 approximately 35.7 percent, or more than one-third of American adults, were found to be overweight or obese. Obesity carries serious health issues and costs, as well as cause emotional and financial strain. In 2008, the Health Affairs revealed that medical costs associated with obesity were estimated at $147 billion, and individual medical costs for people who are obese were much higher than those of normal weight.

Chiropractor’s Role in Weight Loss

Chiropractors are generally trained to diagnose and treat conditions that arise from problems with the spine and spinal alignment, they also have training in overall health and wellness, which includes weight loss and diet. Chiropractros treat patients with spine problems, such as chronic back pain, that are often made worse due to obesity. The extra weight on a patient’s body strains and stresses the spine, making it difficult to achieve long-term pain relief. At Advanced Chiropractic Relief, our award-winning and highly-experienced Houston Chriopractor Dr. Gregory Johnson has decades of experience providing Chiropractic care and helping patients reach the healthiest version of themselves, including achieving their ideal and healthy weight. This is made possible by combining holistic, non-invasive chiropractic care with nutritional counseling and lifestyle changes for lasting results. For those who are struggling to lose weight on their own and are looking to make a permanent change in their health and lifestyle, Dr. Johnson may be able to help you reach your goals.

Ways Chiropractic Can Help with Weight Loss Problem

Chiropractic care can help you lose the extra pounds and become healthier through comprehensive and holistic approach involving chiropractic adjustments, nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

Chiropractic Adjustments- It would seem that chiropractic adjustments and weight loss problem are unrelated, but spine subluxations often directly contributes to weight gain. Nerves on the spinal column are information highways, connecting the brain to the rest of the human body. When the pathways are misaligned, signals to the brain are hindered, affecting our control hunger and eating cues. Furthermore, subluxations of the spine can also result in chronic pain or decreased range of motion, which makes physically activcities difficult to achieve. Chiropractic adjustments can effectively relieve subluxations and provide clear path for weight loss and healthy life.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling- Proper nutrition is the key to successful, long-term weight loss and overall health and wellness. Healthy eating habits and smart food choices will provide nutrition to your body and sustained energy. At Advanced Chiropractic Relief, our chiropractors impart healthier nutrition and lifestyle advice, a service that must be seen as equally important as chiropractic adjustments. we make professional recommendations for physical activities, exercises and diet suitable to your unique individual needs.

Struggling with Weight Loss? We Can Help!

If you are overweight or struggling with weight loss, visit Advanced Chiropractic Relief to find out how chiropractic care can help with your weight loss goals and keep you healthy. Contact us at contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Johnson.