Chiropractor for Neck and Shoulder Pain: Unlocking Relief through Chiropractic Care

Image of woman holding neck and shoulders in need of a chiropractor for neck and shoulder pain


Debilitating neck and shoulder pain can disrupt our daily lives, hindering our ability to perform even the simplest tasks. Whether triggered by poor posture, stress, or injury, finding effective relief becomes paramount. Among the various treatment options available, chiropractic care stands out as a preferred choice for those seeking lasting relief from neck and shoulder discomfort. In this article we will delve into the benefits of consulting a chiropractor for both shoulder and neck pain, address common concerns, and discuss tailored chiropractic treatments to alleviate these specific issues.

Should I See a Chiropractor for Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Deciding to consult a chiropractor for neck and shoulder pain is a personal choice, but understanding the potential benefits can help you make an informed decision. Over the years many reputable institutions like the National Library of Medicine have conducted studies about the benefits of chiropractic care for neck and shoulder pain. The research continues to show whether the pain is acute or chronic, seeing a qualified chiropractor can often provide lasting benefits for a patient. Many individuals have found enduring relief from chronic neck and shoulder pain through chiropractic care. Chiropractors work on the musculoskeletal system, with a primary focus on aligning the spine, a crucial factor in addressing neck and shoulder issues.

It’s important to note that chiropractic care is highly individualized, and patient experiences may vary. However, if you are dealing with persistent neck and shoulder pain, seeking relief from a qualified chiropractor could be a proactive step toward reclaiming comfort and functionality and putting you on a path to lasting relief.

Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain

Can you see a chiropractor for shoulder pain? Chiropractors employ a range of tailored techniques to address shoulder pain, aiming to reduce discomfort and enhance mobility. Here are some key benefits of choosing a chiropractor for shoulder pain:

  1. Non-Invasive Approach: Chiropractic care provides a non-invasive and drug-free alternative to conventional medical interventions. Chiropractic focuses on manual adjustments and other non-surgical techniques, minimizing the need for pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures. In some extreme cases surgery may still be required, but seeing a chiropractor for neck and shoulder pain as your first option is a great place to start.
  2. Tailored Treatment Plans: Recognizing the uniqueness of each patient, award winning chiropractors like those at Advanced Chiropractic Relief conduct thorough neurological and orthopedic history and examinations to understand the root cause of shoulder pain. This allows us to create personalized treatment strategies, ensuring that your journey to healing is specifically tailored to your needs.
  3. Improved Range of Motion: Chiropractic adjustments target the restoration of proper alignment and function, ultimately enhancing the range of motion in the shoulder joint. This is particularly beneficial for those dealing with injuries or stiffness. Seeing a chiropractor for shoulder pain or a chiropractor for neck and shoulder pain can help identify any other areas of your spine that may be out of alignment leading to limited range of motion or pain.
  4. Addressing Shoulder Blade Pain: Seeing a chiropractor for shoulder blade pain may seem strange at first. However, chiropractors can work on the underlying conditions causing that pain like misalignment in the shoulder or spine. A chiropractor for shoulder pain will address various types of shoulder pain, including pain originating from the shoulder blades, we employ targeted adjustments and therapeutic exercises to alleviate discomfort in these specific areas. Shoulder blade pain may feel muscular or right in the bone so if you are experiencing this you can see a chiropractor for shoulder blade pain. 
  5. Holistic Approach to Wellness: Our chiropractors adopt a holistic approach to health, considering the interconnectedness of the musculoskeletal system and overall well-being. By addressing not only symptoms but also underlying causes like subluxations, chiropractic care promotes long-term health and helps prevent future issues. Advanced Chiropractic Relief has continually been named the top chiropractor and best chiropractor because we treat the underlying conditions and work with patients to find lasting relief. 

Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Neck pain can significantly impact daily life, affecting productivity and sleep quality. Chiropractic treatment for neck pain can be effective for acute or chronic pain sufferers. Living with long term pain and not addressing it may cause symptoms to worsen as the body tries to adjust so you can continue to function. Opting for chiropractic care to address neck pain offers several advantages:

  1. Pain Relief Without Medications: Chiropractic care focuses on natural healing methods, reducing the reliance on pain medications. This is particularly beneficial for those who prefer drug-free solutions or experience side effects from certain medications.
  2. Correction of Misalignments: Neck pain is often associated with spinal misalignments. Our chiropractors utilize manual adjustments to correct these misalignments, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing strain on neck muscles. Advanced Chiropractic Relief’s trademarked techniques like the manual spinal decompression of the Ring Dinger® and the Johnson BioPhysics® technique help realign the spine and provide lasting results. 
  3. Reduction in Muscle Tension: Chronic neck pain is frequently accompanied by muscle tension. Chiropractic adjustments target specific areas of tension, helping to relax muscles and alleviate discomfort. A chiropractor will often realign the joints during a treatment session and then provide exercises to be conducted outside to strengthen the muscles to maintain the alignment and continue reducing muscle tension. 
  4. Prevention of Headaches: Neck pain is a common precursor to tension headaches and migraines. By addressing the root cause of neck pain through chiropractic adjustments, individuals may experience a reduction in the frequency and intensity of headaches.
  5. Enhanced Posture: Poor posture often contributes to neck pain. Our chiropractors assess and address postural issues, providing guidance on ergonomic improvements and exercises to promote better posture. This, in turn, contributes to long-term neck pain relief.

Chiropractic Treatments for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Our chiropractors employ a variety of trademarked and tailored techniques to address neck and shoulder pain, tailoring their approach to each patient’s unique needs. The number of treatments needed and the type of treatment will be dependent on the severity and nature of the underlying issue. Discussing with the chiropractor the progress you’re experiencing and any new pains or traumas is important. Common chiropractic treatments for neck and shoulder pain include:

  1. Manual Adjustments: Our chiropractors use hands-on techniques to adjust the spine and joints, promoting proper alignment. Manual adjustments are often effective in reducing pain and improving mobility in the neck and shoulder areas. The manual spinal decompression Ring Dinger® is highly effective in treating subluxations of the spine, creating alignment and leading to lasting relief. 
  2. Soft Tissue Therapy: Soft tissue therapies, including massage and trigger point therapy, target muscle tension and knots in the neck and shoulder region. These techniques enhance flexibility and alleviate discomfort.
  3. Therapeutic Exercises: We prescribe specific exercises to strengthen muscles supporting the neck and shoulders, improving stability and preventing future issues. By performing these exercises at home, individuals often see longer lasting results. 
  4. Posture Correction: Addressing poor posture is crucial in managing neck and shoulder pain. Our chiropractors provide guidance on ergonomic adjustments and offer exercises to promote better posture during daily activities and while sitting at a desk.
  5. Lifestyle Recommendations: Our chiropractors offer lifestyle recommendations to complement in-office treatments. This may include advice on ergonomics and lifestyle adjustments to support overall well-being and prevent the recurrence of neck and shoulder pain.


If persistent neck and shoulder pain are impacting your quality of life, consulting a chiropractor may be the key to unlocking lasting relief. Our focus on natural, non-invasive methods and personalized treatment plans makes chiropractic care an attractive option for many seeking a holistic approach to healing.

Individual experiences may vary, and it’s essential to discuss expectations, medical history and conditions with your chiropractor to determine the most appropriate course of action for your specific condition. If you’re considering chiropractic care, our team at Advanced Chiropractic Relief is here to assess your situation, create a personalized treatment plan, and guide you towards a pain-free and healthier life. Don’t just take our word for it, watch the results we’ve given to thousands of patients from around the globe who have found relief at Advanced Chiropractic Relief

If you are in pain and want to see a chiropractor for neck and shoulder pain or a chiropractor for shoulder blade pain please contact us at Advanced Chiropractic Relief. We would love the opportunity to help you live your best life.