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2017 Doctor Of The Year
(District 11 Houston)
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Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson uses highly-effective Chiropractic adjustments to help improve spinal biomechanics and reduce nervous system interference.


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Dr. Gregory Johnson is a caring and highly experienced chiropractor who has your best interest in mind. He takes the time to listen to your needs and concerns. He was named Doctor of the Year for Houston Metropolitan District 11 by the Texas Chiropractic Association. Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC was establised to help patients find pain relief and achieve wellness through safe, effective, natural and non-invasive Chiropractic care.

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At Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC, a chiropractic center based in Houston, we provide chiropractic care for natural pain relief, wellness and health. Dr. Gregory Johnson, your Houston Chiropractor, has over three decades of experience delivering safe, effective, natural and non-invasive chiropractic care to patients in Houston and surrounding areas. We invite you to visit our chiropractic office for a lasting pain relief from subluxation, back pain, chronic pain, chronic pain, herniated disc, migraine headaches, neck pain and sciatica.

Success Stories

A lot of people suffer from pain associated with the stress of everyday life and also due to past injuries.

  • Dr. Johnson understand bio-mechanics better than any doctor I've ever come across. The manipulations are expertly applied and well explained. No pressure to make follow-up appointments,, and the rest of the team is equally as helpful.

  • My son received life changing chiropractor care by Dr. Johnson. We spent a year trying to find relief for my son's sciatica pain. We went to multiple chiropractors, PCP and months of physical therapy.  He did the most thorough exam and reviewed diagnostic imaging. Within the first visit my son...

    Carrie Roos
  • Dr. Johnson is amazing! My husband has had back pain for over twenty years. He went to Dr. Johnson and his back feels amazing especially his lower back! I also went and got worked on and feel amazing as well! I'm standing up straighter and focusing more on my posture...

    Melissa Podhrasky
  • Dr Johnson is the real deal. Dr Johnson you have no idea how much this has meant to my family. After so many other chiropractors in California making his back feel worse to doctors just looking at his weight and not really attempting to help him. It has been one...

    Arellano family
  • My husband I drove from Tennessee to Houston just to see Dr. Johnson. My husband's life has changed so much. It was worth the drive. Being comfortable and pain free is priceless. You can not put a price on happiness. It is an investment in yourself and you are worth...

    Rachel Mathis
  • Dr. Johnson has helped me improve my quality of life. I go about once a month to stay “tuned up”. If you have a spine, you could use a Ring Dinger!

    Vince Lanier
  • I've seen so many chiropractors over the years with little to temporary relief. I must say I'm nonplussed at how my symptoms I walked in with vanished post treatment. Wow! I will definitely be back to follow up & I highly recommend Dr. Johnson to all those out there with...

    Frank J Rod
  • Dr. Johnson is a true professional. I’ve never had that thorough of a medical history done by a chiropractor. Other than some soreness that has since gone away, my back hasn’t felt this good in a few years and that’s after just 1 adjustment. I hope I can get back...

    Mike Springsteen
  • The best chiropractor in the WORLD by far! Just finished my six treatments and what can I say, I feel like a new person. If you are thinking about getting treated go ahead and make the appointments you won't regret it. Hands down the best service I've gotten from any...

    Harrison Pond
  • Dr. Johnson has provided life-changing chiropractic care for myself and many others throughout his 39 years of practice! He saved my collegiate athletic career, and more importantly saved me from a life of pain from potentially numerous surgeries due to a herniated disc in my lower back. I came to...

    Tristan Wendt

5 Stars Ratings – 240 Google Reviews

Remarkable 5 Star Ratings for Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC

For over three decades, patients from Houston and across the country have shared countless stories of how Dr. Gregory Johnson’s chiropractic care have changed their lives.

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Chiropractic Documentary WHO’S YOUR DOCTOR CHOOSE CHIROPRACTIC FIRST! This New 30 Minute Documentary to let Texans know what the Texas Medical Association, (TMA) is doing in Texas to try and monopolize healthcare in Texas. Your Houston Chiropractor Dr Gregory Johnson was the Executive Director of this enlightening Documentary that was shot in Houston Texas by The Sager Group LLC. Please watch the whole documentary to learn about the benefits of Chiropractic Care and how organized medicine is trying to eliminate Chiropractic in Texas the same way the AMA tried to do in the 70’s, i.e. Wilkes vs AMA where the United States Supreme Court found that the AMA was in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act propelling Chiropractic into the mainstream healthcare arena. The Opiod Crisis has gotten rampant in the US caused by the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry. Chiropractic is a safe, effective way to alleviate neck and back pain as well as cost effective way of dealing with neck and back pain without the use of drugs and/or surgery

Supporting Spinal Health

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