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Dr. Gregory Johnson, DC
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A lot of people suffer from pain associated with the stress of everyday life and also due to past injuries. At our Houston chiropractic clinic, we help people from all over the world find relief.

I've seen so many chiropractors over the years with little to temporary relief. I must say I'm nonplussed at how my symptoms I walked in with vanished post treatment. Wow! I will definitely be back to follow up & I highly recommend Dr. Johnson to all those out there with doubts regarding results that can be achieved.
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Your Houston Chiropractors

Your Houston Chiropractic Clinic

Natural Chiropractic Care Helps Houston Patients Regain Their Health and Wellness and Improve Quality of Life

Dr. Gregory Johnson D.C. has 40+ years effectively treating his patients using his care, personalized treatments and trademarked techniques. Some of his notable accomplishments include being awarded Doctor of the Year for Houston Metropolitan District 11 by the Texas Chiropractic Association, consistently being ranked as one of the best Chiropractors and creating the trademarked Johnson BioPhysics® technique and Ring Dinger®.

Dr. Tristan Wendt D.C. brings a level of passion, care and southern charm that allows him to connect with and bring relief to his patients through Chiropractic care. Dr. Wendt is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and has been mentored by Dr. Johnson for many years. He treats his patients using the effective and personalized Johnson BioPhysics® and Ring Dinger® techniques.

Top Rated Houston Chiropractor

We care deeply about our patients and do everything we can exceed expectations with each treatment. We are grateful that patients from Houston and around the globe have shared countless stories of how the treatment they received from Advanced Chiropractic Relief changed their lives.

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Winner of Best Chiropractors in Houston

We are honored that has once again named Advanced Chiropractic Relief the Best Houston Chiropractors. We strive to provide all our patients with world class care and results, and are grateful for all our patients who trust us on their wellness journey. Please explore the YouTube videos and testimonials of our patients sharing their life changing results. Advanced Chiropractic Relief was awarded the Best Houton Chiropractor…

Meet Your Houston Chiropractors

At Advanced Chiropractic Relief, a chiropractic center based in Houston, we provide chiropractic care for natural pain relief, wellness, and health. The Award Winning Dr. Gregory Johnson, Chiropractor Houston has over four decades of experience delivering safe, effective, natural, and non-invasive chiropractic care to patients in Houston and surrounding areas. Dr. Tristan Wendt, DC is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and has been training under Dr. Johnson for the past seven years to bring the same level of care, professionalism, and relief to each patient.

We invite you to visit our chiropractic office for lasting pain relief from a Subluxation, Back Pain, Chronic Pain, Herniated Disc, Migrane Headaches, Neck Pain, and Sciatica.

Dr Gregory Johnson

Your Houston Chiropractor, Dr. Gregory Johnson, is a Texas State Licensed Chiropractor. Dr Johnson uses a “whole person approach” and tailors Chiropractic care for each and every patient.

Dr Tristan Wendt

Your New Houston Chiropractor Dr. Tristan Wendt D.C. is a Texas State Licensed Chiropractor and a former patient of Greg Johnson D.C.. He is highly trained in the effective and trademarked Johnson BioPhysics Ring Dinger technique.


Who's Your Doctor? Advanced Chiropractic Relief Documentary

Chiropractic Documentary WHO’S YOUR DOCTOR CHOOSE CHIROPRACTIC FIRST! This New 30 Minute Documentary lets Texans know what the Texas Medical Association, (TMA) is doing in Texas to try and monopolize healthcare in Texas. Your Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson was the Executive Director of this enlightening Documentary that was shot in Houston Texas by The Sager Group.

Please watch the whole documentary to learn about the benefits of Chiropractic Care and how organized medicine is trying to eliminate Chiropractic in Texas the same way the AMA tried to do in the ’70s, i.e. Wilkes vs AMA where the United States Supreme Court found that the AMA was in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act propelling Chiropractic into the mainstream healthcare arena.

Your Advanced Chiropractic

Conditions Advanced Chiropractic Relief Can Treat

At Advanced Chiropractic Relief, your Houston Chiropractors Dr. Gregory Johnson and Dr. Tristan Wendt use highly-effective Chiropractic adjustments to help improve spinal biomechanics and reduce nervous system interference.

Ring Dinger Near Me

A Ring Dinger refers to a chiropractic technique popularized by Dr. Gregory Johnson and Advanced Chiropractic Relief. We want you to experience a Ring Dinger, even if you are based outside of the Houston area. Read more about what a Ring Dinger is.
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