Ring DingerĀ® Manual Spinal Decompression in Houston: Pain Alleviation of Discs from the Inside

Our manual spinal decompression treatments can be compared to precisely-targeted spinal traction. Our manual spinal decompression treatments are a good option, particularly in cases of back pain caused by herniated or ruptured discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and even frequent headaches or neck pain. Our patients report that this treatment is very comfortable and eases pain by removing pressure from pinched nerves.

Dr. Johnson usually recommends a series of decompression treatments because that is when the real, internal pain alleviation takes place. For example, in the case of a herniated or compressed disc that is causing back pain, manual spinal decompression works to stretch and reshape that disc. As the disc is gently stretched back into its correct shape, vacuum forces inside actually pull fresh hydration, oxygen and nutrients into the disc to help alleviate pain it from the inside. Most patients experience profound relief during the treatment and longer-term back pain relief after 4-6 treatments, sometimes a few more. The key is that the injured discs are literally being reshaped so that they can once again function normally to act as an appropriate cushion between your vertebrae, and that process can take time.

In some cases, we have had patients who were seriously considering back surgery for injured discs who were able to avoid it after having a full course of manual spinal decompression combined with Chiropractic care. It is an FDA-approved treatment and can be a good alternative to surgery and long-term dependence on painkillers in many cases. It is important to have a full examination and medical history done by Dr. Johnson first to determine if decompression therapy is right for you as each case of back pain is different.

Spinal Decompression – FAQ

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