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If you had a successful chiropractic treatment with your Houston Chiropractor, Dr. Gregory Johnson, and are satisfied with the result and you have been relieved of painful symptoms of conditions like Back PainChronic PainHerniated DiscSubluxationMigraine HeadachesNeck PainSciatica or Sports Injuries, please share it with us by clicking on your favorite review sites below.

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Over 3 Decades of Chiropractic Care in Houston

Established in 1981, the Advanced Chiropractic Relief has been helping patients with debilitating conditions with Chiropractic treatment and care for 40 years. Dr. Gregory Johnson, and his team are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives— combining skills and compassion that spans the entire Chiropractic wellness spectrum. Dr. Johnson is committed to providing you and your family a better health and way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of Christian health and comprehensive Chiropractic wellness care.

Modern Chiropractic Techniques

Advanced Chiropractic Relief’s office is equipped with modern spinal care equipment, including advanced patient adjusting tables. Patients seeking Chiropractic treatment with Dr. Johnson, are assured of receiving only the highest quality of Chiropractic care through the use of modern Chiropractic equipment and techniques.

Pain Relief with Chiropractic Care

Are you suffering from chronic pain, back pain migraine headaches or feel some pain down your leg? Chiropractic care can help provide pain relief. Visit Advanced Chiropractic Relief’s conveniently located chiropractic office at 363 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Suite 1060 Houston, Texas 77060 or use our Contact Form to request an appointment with Your Houston Chiropractor, Dr. Gregory Johnson.

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Your Houston Chiropractors

Award-Winning Your Houston Chiropractor

Natural Chiropractic Care Helps Houston Patients Regain Their Health and Wellness and Improve Quality of Life

Dr. Gregory Johnson D.C. has 40+ years effectively treating his patients using his care, personalized treatments and trademarked techniques. Some of his notable accomplishments include being awarded Doctor of the Year for Houston Metropolitan District 11 by the Texas Chiropractic Association, consistently being ranked as one of the best Chiropractors and creating the trademarked Johnson BioPhysics® technique and Ring Dinger®.

Dr. Tristan Wendt D.C. brings a level of passion, care and southern charm that allows him to connect with and bring relief to his patients through Chiropractic care. Dr. Wendt is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and has been mentored by Dr. Johnson for many years. He treats his patients using the effective and personalized Johnson BioPhysics® and Ring Dinger® techniques.

Remarkable 5 Star Ratings For Advanced Chiropractic Relief

For over four decades, patients from Houston and across the country have shared countless stories of how Dr. Gregory Johnson’s chiropractic care have changed their lives.