Chronic Pain Chiropractic Care in Houston, TX

Chiropractic care is a safe, natural, and effective treatment for patients experiencing generalized chronic pain caused by a neck pain or back pain. Chiropractic utilizes a “whole person” approach.

Dr. Gregory Johnson, an award-winning Your Houston Chiropractor, goes beyond spinal chiropractic adjustments. He evaluates the entire spine that may be affected and also educates every patient about proper posture, relaxation methods, exercises, nutrition, lifestyle modification and stress management.

At Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC, we can treat your herniated and bulging discs with chiropractic care, a non-invasive treatment option that is designed to reduce pain and help the disc retract into its proper position.

Herniated Disc Symptoms

Herniated discs are most common in the lower back, but they can occur anywhere along the spinal column. Typical symptoms of a herniated disc include leg pain, numbness, pain and weakness in the feet and toes and generalized back pain. Additional symptoms, depending on the location of the disc herniation, include pain and weakness in the arms and hands as well as tingling and weakness in the fingers and reduced grip strength.

Herniated or bulging discs do not mend on their own. They are a result of the inner, softer tissue of the disc expelling out of its proper location and pinching or restricting the nerves and soft tissues around the vertebrae, and they should be treated by a Houston Chiropractor or medical professional.

Chiropractic Care In Houston, TX

The ultimate goal of chiropractic is to help relieve pain and help patients better manage their condition at home and improve functions or mobility. Spinal decompression is used to treat bulging, herniated and slipped discs. This treatment is performed on a Chiropractic table that is specifically designed for decompression of the spine. Various sections of the table can be moved and adjusted separately from the rest of the panels of the table in order to place the spine in the proper position and increase the spacing between the vertebrae.

It may take several treatments to fully alleviate pain from a herniated or bulging discs. The process works by giving the discs more space to move, and as the space is increased, the bulging section of the disc slowly starts to retract back into its proper position. This decreases pain, tingling and numbness without surgery or pain medications. In fact, many of our clients report needing less OTC and prescription pain medication after successive treatments.

Treatment starts with an initial examination from our Chiropractor. During this exam, the exact location of the bulging disc will be determined. A medical history will also be taken and include such items as when the back pain started and its severity. Once the location and degree of herniation has been determined, a comprehensive course of treatment will be prescribed and usually involves spinal decompression.

In addition to decompression, we may recommend Home Mirror Image Exercises and Chiropractic adjustments. The adjustments realign the spine into its proper position, which decreases pain and facilitates proper spine movement. Home Mirror Image Exercises strengthens the muscles of the back, which provides more support of the spinal column and helps prevent future injuries to the spine.

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In this animation we look at what chronic pain is, and what you can do about getting rid of it.

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